Karen L. Abbott, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
Biomedical glycomics, proteomics, and cell biology studies of human cancers.

Giulia Baldini, Ph.D. – Associate Professor
Molecular mechanisms of hormone release

Timothy Chambers, Ph.D.Professor and Vice Chair
Cytotoxic signaling mechanisms of anticancer drugs

Mari K. Davidson, Ph.D. – Associate Professor
Role of junctional adhesion proteins in endothelial barrier

Alan B. Diekman, Ph.D. – Associate Professor
Structure and function of glycoconjugates in the mammalian reproductive tract

Robert Eoff, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor
DNA damage tolerance and specialized DNA replication

Fusun Kilic, Ph.D. – Associate Professor
Oligomeric nature of the serotonin transporter protein

Grover Paul Miller, Ph.D. – Associate Professor
Metabolism of drugs and pollutants from individual reactions to metabolic pathways.

Donald M. Mock, M.D., Ph.D. – Professor
Biotin nutrition

Anna Radominska-Pandya, Ph.D. – Professor
Hepatic and extra-hepatic biotransformation of hydrophobic endogenous compounds and drugs

Kevin D. Raney, Ph.D. – Professor and Chair
DNA replication

Alan Tackett, Ph.D.Associate Professor
The systems biology of unique chromatin structures

Wayne P. Wahls, Ph.D. – Professor
Chromosome dynamics in meiosis; combinatorial bZIP dimers and cellular growth control