The Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences (GPIBS) at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences offers students the opportunity to pursue training in a wide range of disciplines while providing a foundation in the basic sciences.  Applicants from underrepresented minority groups and those with special needs are encouraged to apply to the Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences (GPIBS). The UAMS Graduate School and the Biochemistry and GPIBS  Molecular Biology Track do not discriminate against applicants or students with special needs. The UAMS Center for Diversity Affairs, the Graduate School, and the UAMS Student Wellness Program  have in place a process for assisting these students.   We are members of Ark-AHEAD (Arkansas Affiliate of the Association on Higher Education And Disability).   Additional resources can be found at AccessSTEM Alliance.

For further information about the graduate program, please contact:

Robert Eoff, Ph.D.
Program Director
Phone: (501)686-8343
Fax: (501)686-8169