Fall 2019 Seminar Schedule

When: Wednesdays at noon
Where: Rayford Auditorium, Biomedical Research Building II, Room 106-2

August 28th

Oleg Karaduta, M.D.
-Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UAMS
Host: Dr. Alicia Byrd

September 11th

Elisabet Borsheim, Ph.D.
-Associate Professor
-Pediatrics and Geriatrics, UAMS
Host: Dr. Alan Diekman

4 pm Tuesday, September 17th

Roger Lo, M.D., Ph.D.
-Pauly Auditorium, Rahn G219
-Professor of Medicine/Dermatology & Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
-David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Dean’s Distinguished Lecture

September 25th

Alicja Urbaniak, Ph.D.
-Postdoctoral fellow
-Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UAMS
Host: Dr. Stephanie Byrum

October 2nd

Amanda Linkous, Ph.D.
-Research Associate Professor of Biochemistry
-Vanderbilt University
Host: Dr. Robert Eoff

October 9th – Career Day

No seminar

October 23rd

James Keck, Ph.D.
-Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry
-University of Wisconsin
Host: Dr. Alicia Byrd

November 13th

Rolf Brekken, Ph.D.
-Professor, Departments of Surgery and Pharmacology
-UT Southwestern Medical Center
Host: Dr. Marie Burdine

3 pm November 20th

Shai Silberberg, Ph.D.
-Pauly Auditorium, Rahn G219
-Director of Research Quality
-National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Host: Dr. Samantha Kendrick

November 27th – Thanksgiving

No seminar

December 4th

Elena Ambrogini, M.D., Ph.D.
-Assistant Professor
-Department of Internal Medicine, UAMS
Host: Dr. Isabelle Miousse


For more information, contact the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology office, (501)686-5196