Our department is fortunate to have our outstanding faculty, dedicated to education and cutting edge research. They are making a difference for our state and the world. We are also proud of our staff, who keep the department and all its activities running. Click the links on the right or below to learn more detailed information, including links to the faculty’s research projects and published papers.

Major Research Areas

Cancer Biology

Model of cell death from microtubule inhititors


Experimental Therapeutics

Cover art showing inhibitor binding to enzyme


Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

Predictions of model for N-dealkylation by P450s


Structural Biology and Enzymology

Image of Dda helicase bound to DNA


Nutrition and Metabolism

Involvement of cytochrome P450s in terbinafine metabolism


Chromatin Biology, Nucleic Acid Chemistry, and Genetics

Genetics cover image


Neurobiology and Neurobiochemistry

Image of MC4R and α-MSH expression in neurons


Images from:

Timothy Chambers’ lab: Kothari et al 2016 Cancer Research

Robert Eoff’s lab: Cover art associated with Ketkar et al 2019 ACS Chemical Biology

Grover Paul Miller’s lab: Barnette et al 2019 Biochemical Pharmacology

Kevin Raney’s lab: He and Byrd et al 2012 Structure

Grover Paul Miller’s lab: Barnette et al 2019 Biochemical Pharmacology

Wayne Wahls’ lab: Cover art associated with Mukiza et al 2019 Genetics

Giulia Baldini’s lab: Granell et al 2013 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA