Professor and Scharlau Family Endowed Chair in Cancer Research


Ph.D. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciencetackett
Office:  (501)686-8152 – Biomedical Research Center B405E
Lab:  (501)686-5954 – Biomedical Research Center B407
FAX:  (501)686-8169

My laboratory focuses on histone epigenetic mechanisms that regulate gene transcription and that are coupled to melanoma progression. We utilize a suite of techniques in our studies including proteomics of human biopsies, immunohistochemistry, cell culture, tumorigenicity assays, ChIPseq, biochemical and proteomic approaches for analyses of protein complexes, and cutting-edge mass spectrometry for the analysis of histone post-translational modifications. We have a unique environment that provides for discovery-based studies like proteomics as well as hypothesis-driven studies like those we perform in cell culture and with skin biopsies. In addition to our melanoma work, we develop new technologies for epigenetic studies such as tools for detection of in vivo protein interactions and quantitative assays for histone-modifying proteins.

Selected Publications

Waldrip, ZJ, Byrum, SD, Storey, AJ, Gao, J, Byrd, AK, Mackintosh, SG, Wahls, WP, Taverna, SD, Raney, KD and Tackett, AJ (2014) A CRISPR-based approach for proteomic analysis of a single genomic locus. Epigenetics, 9, 1207-11 |Abstract|

Byrum SD, Larson SK, Avaritt NL, Moreland LE, Mackintosh SG , Cheung W and Tackett AJ (2013) Quantitative Proteomics Identifies Activation of Hallmark Pathways of Cancer in Patient Melanoma. J Proteomics Bioinform, 6(3), 43-50 |Abstract|

Byrum, S.D., Taverna, S.D. and Tackett, A.J. (2013) Purification of a specific native genomic locus for proteomic analysis. Nucleic Acids Res, 1-6, doi:10.1093/nar/gkt822 |Abstract|

Byrum, S, Raman, A, Taverna, SD and Tackett, AJ (2012) ChAP-MS: A Method for Identification of Proteins and Histone Posttranslational Modifications at a Single Genomic Locus. Cell Reports, 2(1), 198-205 |Abstract|

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Research Program Coordinator

IDeA National Resource for Proteomics

Center for Translational Pediatric Research