Associate ProfessorSamuel G. Mackintosh, Ph.D.

Member Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute

Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
B.S., University of Central Arkansas
Office:  (501)526-6165 – CI 9111
Lab:  CI 9149
FAX:  (501) 686-8169


I am responsible for day-to-day operation of the proteomics core laboratory. The core lab maintains several state-of-the-art, high-resolution, Orbitrap mass spectrometers capable of identifying, characterizing, and quantifying proteins in a high-throughput manner, as well as a full suite of computer hardware and software needed to analyze proteomics data. The core supports proteomics research campus-wide and works with investigators in designing experiments, acquiring and analyzing data, and preparing manuscripts and grant applications.


Recent Publications

Haun RS, Fan CY, Mackintosh SG, Zhao H and Tackett AJ (2014) CD109 overexpression in pancreatic cancer identified by cell-surface glycoprotein capture. J. Proteomics Bioinform. Suppl 10: S10003

Papazyan R, Voronina E, Chapman JR, Luperchio TR, Gilbert TM, Meier E, Mackintosh SG, Shabanowitz J, Tackett AJ, Reddy KL, Coyne RS, Hunt DF, Liu Y and Taverna SD (2014) Methylation of histone H3K23 blocks DNA damage in pericentric heterochromatin during meiosis. Elife 3: e02996

Waldrip ZJ, Byrum SD, Storey AJ, Gao J, Byrd AK, Mackintosh SG, Wahls WP, Taverna SD, Raney KD and Tackett AJ (2014) A CRISPR-based approach for proteomic analysis of a single genomic locus. Epigenetics 9: 1207-11

Allam H, Aoki K, Benigno BB, McDonald JF, Mackintosh SG, Tiemeyer M and Abbott KL (2015) Glycomic analysis of membrane glycoproteins with bisecting glycosylation from ovarian cancer tissues reveals novel structures and functions. J. Proteome Res. 14: 434-46

Gao J, Zybailov BL, Byrd AK, Griffin WC, Chib S, Mackintosh SG, Tackett AJ and Raney KD (2015) Yeast transcription co-activator Sub1 and its human homolog PC4 preferentially bind to G-quadruplex DNA. Chem. Commun. 51: 7242-44

Haun RS, Quick CM, Siegel ER, Raju I, Mackintosh SG and Tackett AJ (2015) Bioorthogonal labeling cell-surface proteins expressed in pancreatic cancer cells to identify potential diagnostic/therapeutic biomarkers. Cancer Biol. Ther. 16: 1557-65

Salinas E, Byrum SD, Moreland LE, Mackintosh SG, Tackett AJ and Forrest JC (2015) Identification of viral and host proteins that interact with murine gammaherpesvirus 68 latency-associated nuclear antigen during lytic replication: a role for Hsc70 in viral replication. J. Virol. 90: 1397-1413

Atanassov BS, Mohan RD, Lan X, Kuang X, Lu Y, Lin K, McIvor E, Li W, Zhang Y, Florens L, Byrun SD, Mackintosh SG, Calhoun-Davis T, Koutelou E, Wang L, Tang DG, Tackett AJ, Washburn MP, Workman JL and Dent SY (2016) ATXN7L3 and ENY2 coordinate activity of multiple H2B deubiquitinases important for cellular proliferation and tumor growth. Mol. Cell 62: 558-71

Ayyadevara S, Mercanti F, Wang X, Mackintosh SG, Tackett AJ, Prayaga SV, Romeo F, Shmookler Reis RJ and Mehta JL (2016) Age- and hypertension-associated protein aggregates in mouse heart have similar proteomic profiles. Hypertension 67: 1006-13

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Heard ME, Besio R, Weis M, Rai J, Hudson DM, Dimori M, Zimmerman SM, Kamykowski JA, Hogue WR, Swain FL, Burdine MS, Mackintosh SG, Tackett AJ, Suva LJ, Eyre DR and Morello R (2016) PLoS Genet. 12: e1006002

Sengupta D, Byrum SD, Avaritt NL, Davis L, Shields B, Mahmoud F, Reynolds M, Orr LM, Mackintosh SG, Shalin SC and Tackett AJ (2016) Quantitative histone mass spectrometry identifies elevated histone H3 lysine 27 trimethylation in melanoma. Mol. Cell Proteomics 15: 765-75

Wu TP, Wang T, Seetin MG, Lai Y, Zhu S, Lin K, Liu Y, Byrum SD, Mackintosh SG, Zhong M, Tackett A, Wang G, Hon LS, Fang G, Swenberg JA and Xiao AZ (2016) DNA methylation on N(6)-adenine in mammalian embryonic stem cells. Nature 532: 329-33

Byrd AK, Zybailov BL, Maddukuri L, Gao J, Marecki JC, Jaiswal M, Bell MR, Griffin WC, Reed MR, Chib S, Mackintosh SG, MacNicol AM, Baldini G, Eoff RL and Raney KD (2016) Evidence that G-quadruplex DNA accumulates in the cytoplasm and participates in stress granule assembly in response to oxidative stress. J. Biol. Chem. [Epub ahead of print]


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