Ph.D., University of Colorado, Health Sciences CenterIMG_2880
B.S., University of Denver

Lab:  (501)686-7254 – Biomedical Research Center 2 433-2
FAX:  (501) 686-8169


Oxidative Stress Biology

My work in the Raney laboratory concerns the role of reactive oxygen species as a consequence of metabolism, as well as signaling molecules in the cell under pathophysiological conditions. With an excess of oxidative species, known as oxidative stress, damage may occur to membranes, proteins and DNA contributing to disease. In the Raney laboratory, we investigate the oxidative stress-induced cellular pathways of DNA repair for particular genomic DNA structures known as quadruplex DNA (G4 DNA) as a potential propagator of stress signaling in cells. We utilize cell culture, confocal microscopy and bioanalytical techniques to investigate links between DNA damage, repair and oxidative stress.


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