Professor and Vice Chair

Timothy Chambers, Ph.D. - Vice Chair

Member Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute

Ph.D., University of Portsmouth, UK
Office:  (501)686-5755 – Biomedical Research Center B405F
Lab:  (501)686-5756 – Biomedical Research Center B403, B404
FAX:  (501)686-8169

Cytotoxic signaling mechanisms of anticancer drugs

Our laboratory is interested in basic aspects of cancer chemotherapy, especially the mechanisms that link drug-induced damage to destructive or protective cellular responses.  Our focus has been on understanding the role of Bcl-2 proteins in the mechanism of action of microtubule inhibitors and other anti-mitotic drugs.


Selected Publications

Delgado, M., and Chambers, T.C. (2018) Microtubules play an essential role in the survival of primary acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells advancing through G1 phase.  Cell Cycle 17: 1784-96. |Abstract|

Majcher, U., Urbaniak, A., Maj, E., Moshari, M., Delgado, M., Wietrzyk, J., Bartl, F., Chambers, T.C., Tuszynski, J.A., and Huczyński, A. (2018) Synthesis, antiproliferative activity and molecular docking of thiocolchicine urethanes. Bioorganic Chemistry 81:553-66. |Abstract|

Antoszczak, M., Urbaniak, A., Delgado, M., Maj, E., Borgström, B., Wietrzyk, J., Huczyński, A., Yuan, Y., Chambers, T.C., and Strand, D. (2018) Biological activity of doubly modified salinomycin analogs – evaluation in vitro and ex vivo. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 156:510-23. |Abstract|

Urbaniak, A., Delgado, M., Antoszczak, M., Huczyński, A., and Chambers, T.C. (2018) Salinomycin derivatives exhibit activity against primary acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) cells in vitro. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 99:384-90.|Abstract|

Delgado, M., Kothari, A., Hittelman, W.N., and Chambers, T.C. (2017) Preparation of primary acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells in different cell cycle phases by centrifugal elutriation. Vis. Exp. 129: e56418. |Abstract|

Battle, L.J., and Chambers, T.C. (2017) Small peptide substrates and high resolution peptide gels for the analysis of site-specific protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation. Biol. Methods. 4(3): e76. |Abstract|

Kim-Wiese, A., Prior, S., Chambers, T.C., and Higuchi, M. (2017) Intracellular oxygen concentration determined by mitochondrial respiration regulates production of reactive oxygen species. Integr. Canc. Biol. Res. 1(1):006.

Urbaniak, A., Delgado, M., Kacprzak, K. and Chambers, T.C. (2017) Activity of resveratrol triesters against primary acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells. Med. Chem. Lett. 27:2766-70. PMID 28499732 |Abstract|

Chu, R., Alford, S.E., Hart. K., Kothari, A., Mackintosh, S., Kovak, M., and Chambers, C. (2016) Mitotic arrest-induced Mcl-1 phosphorylation revisited using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and phosphoproteomics: nine phosphorylation sites identified. Oncotarget. 7(48):78958-70.|Abstract|

Kothari, A., Hittelman, W.N., and Chambers, T.C. (2016) Cell cycle-dependent mechanisms underlie vincristine-induced death of primary acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells. Cancer Res. 76(12):3553-61. |Abstract|

Kothari, A., and Chambers, T.C. (2016) CDK1/2 toolbox in need of an upgrade. Cell Cycle 15: 1663-4. |Abstract|