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January 6, 2021

Oleg Karaduta appointed to JMSACL editorial board

Oleg Karaduta

Congratulations to Dr. Oleg Karaduta who has been appointed to the Editorial Board (section Proteomics) of the Journal of Mass Spectrometry & Advances in the Clinical Lab (JMSACL). Previously Dr. Karaduta received US Young Investigator Educational Grant from the abovementioned Association.

January 2, 2021

December publications

Byrum lab

Multi-omics data integration considerations and study design for biological systems and disease. Graw S, Chappell K, Washam CL, Gies A, Bird J, Robeson MS 2nd, Byrum SD. Mol Omics.       Limitations of an ex vivo breast cancer model for studying the mechanism of action of the anticancer drug paclitaxel. Urbaniak A, Piña-Oviedo S,…

December 18, 2020

Dr. Byrum invited as guest editor

Stephanie Byrum

As a Guest Editor for JoVE, Dr. Stephanie Byrum is organizing a Methods Collection titled “Cutting-edge technologies driving quantitative mass spectrometry“. JoVE is the leading peer-reviewed scientific methods video journal, aimed at increasing the visibility and reproducibility of research. JoVE’s team takes care of the entire process of filming and producing your video. This Methods…

December 9, 2020

Dr. Miousse to present for CTSA Grand Rounds

Isabelle Miousse

Dr. Byrd receives Hornick Endowment Grant

Alicia Byrd

Congratulations to Dr. Alicia Byrd on receiving research funding of $25,000 from the Hornick Endowment Grant Program.  This award is for one (1) calendar year and will fund additional research related to Dr. Byrd’s grant entitled “The effect of rs75770066, a stroke associated single nucleotide polymorphism, on enzyme activity”.

Dr. Alicja Urbaniak receives Barton Pilot Grant

Alicja Urbaniak

Congratulations to Dr. Alijca Urbaniak, Instructor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, on receiving research funding of $25,000 from the Barton Pilot Grant Program.  This award is for one (1) calendar year to fund additional research related to Dr. Urbaniak’s grant entitled “Novel Monensin Analogs for the Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer”.

December 5, 2020

Oleg Karaduta & Mari Davidson invited as Guest Editors

ad for special issue

Dr. Oleg Karaduta and Dr. Mari Davidson invite contributions to a special issue of applied sciences on the Evolution of Modern Molecular Biology Applications. Forty years ago, when relatively powerful microprocessors first became available, many young entrepreneurs were inspired to create companies, platforms, and programming tools that helped make computing available to everyone. This in turn…

December 2, 2020

Congratulations Dr. Taylor!

Erin Taylor

Congratulations to Erin Taylor who successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation entitled “Immune Modulation Response to Checkpoint Inhibition in Metastatic Melanoma” on December 1st. Erin was a student in the laboratory of Dr. Alan Tackett.

December 1, 2020

November publications

Members of the Miller lab

Meloxicam methyl group determines enzyme specificity for thiazole bioactivation compared to sudoxicam. Barnette DA, Schleiff MA, Datta A, Flynn N, Swamidass SJ, Miller GP.  Toxicol Lett.     Significance of Multiple Bioactivation Pathways for Meclofenamateas Revealed through Modeling and Reaction Kinetics. Schleiff MA, Flynn NR, Payakachat S, Schleiff BM, Pinson AO, Province DW, Swamidass SJ,…

November 23, 2020

Congratulations Dr. Koss!

Brian Koss

Congratulations to Brian Koss who successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation entitled “Epigenetic control of Cdkn2a.Arf protects tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes from exhaustion” on November 18th. Brian was a student in the laboratory of Dr. Alan Tackett and is now a post-doctoral fellow in the Center for Translational Pediatric Research as part of the Proteomics Technology Development Shared…

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