February 1, 2021

January publications

Kendrick labThe i-Motif as a Molecular Target: More Than a Complementary DNA Secondary Structure.

Brown SL, Kendrick S. Pharmaceuticals (Basel).
Duah Alkam

Image by Amy Widner

The increased accumulation of Staphylococcus aureus virulence factors is maximized in a purR mutant by the increased production of SarA and decreased production of extracellular proteases.

Alkam D, Jenjaroenpun P, Ramirez AM, Beenken KE, Spencer HJ, Smeltzer MS. Infect Immun.

Members of the Chambers labSynthesis, anticancer activity and molecular docking studies of N-deacetylthiocolchicine and 4-iodo-N-deacetylthiocolchicine derivatives.

Klejborowska G, Urbaniak A, Maj E, Wietrzyk J, Moshari M, Preto J, Tuszynski JA, Chambers TC, Huczyński A. Bioorg Med Chem.