July 8, 2020

Michael Guderyon alumnus highlight

Michael Guderyon graduated from UAMS in may 2015 with a M.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. His advisor was Dr. Kevin Raney. After graduating, Mike went to UT Health San Antonio where he received a Ph.D. in Integrated Biomedical Sciences/ Biology of Aging Track. Mike is currently a Process Development Scientist I at SanBio. In addition, he’s in the Airforce Reserves and is an Entrepreneur.

Description of current job

Combines extensive knowledge of biotechnology and bio-manufacturing to manufacture mesenchymal stem cell products and monitor existing processes and products for quality and efficiency. Problem-solves and conceptualizes solutions for producing large scale stem cell products and standardizes protocols.

  • Works hand and hand with Quality Control to develop and qualify potency assays for cell-based products
  • Design and execute experiments in support of process optimization of cell-based products and process improvement
  • Leads statistical analyses of completed projects in collaboration with assay development and manufacturing teams
  • Develops and implements processes to scale up manufacturing and automation of cell-based products
  • Draft and author study protocols, feasibility, comparability, and qualification reports as source documents for regulatory filing support

Important aspect of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program

I was surrounded by excellent mentors at all levels which prepared me for the road ahead.

Something Notable about Time as a Graduate Student

Once during my studies, I was purifying a protein for future use and while formulating the final protein product, I accidentally threw away the entire protein. I am sure my colleagues and mentors sensed my embarrassment and were very supportive moving forward. I distinctly remember my mentor cracking a smile and saying, “always secure the ‘gold’ first”.

Fun fact

I plan to earn an MBA in the future.