July 1, 2020

June publications

Duah Alkam

A novel Cas9-targeted long-read assay for simultaneous detection of IDH1/2 mutations and clinically relevant MGMT methylation in fresh biopsies of diffuse glioma.

Wongsurawat T, Jenjaroenpun P, De Loose A, Alkam D, Ussery DW, Nookaew I, Leung YK, Ho SM, Day JD, Rodriguez A.

Acta Neuropathol Commun. 2020



Byrd labThe Expression of Human DNA Helicase B Is Affected by G-Quadruplexes in the Promoter.

Zafar MK, Hazeslip L, Chauhan MZ, Byrd AK.

Biochemistry. 2020