May 13, 2020

Genetics Society of America showcases article from Davidson and Wahls labs

Each year the editors of GSA journals select for distinction some of the year’s top scientific publications.  Congratulations to Aaron Storey, Hsin-Ping Wang, Reine Protacio, Mari Davidson and Wayne Wahls.  Their research article on Targeted Forward Genetics was featured in the GSA’s annual Spotlight:  A showcase of research and scholarship in selected articles from 2019. The work was supported by a research project grant (GM081766) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences to Wayne Wahls.

Wahls lab

Mari Davidson, Wesley Wahls, Reine Protacio, Wayne Wahls, Tresor Mukiza, Aaron Storey, Melissa Sorsby, Hsin-Ping Wang

GENETICS SOCIETY OF AMERICA EDITORS’ NOTE  Storey et al. describe a powerful methodology for precisely-targeted, saturating mutational analyses of discrete chromosomal elements in situ.  In this method, more than 100,000 independent allele replacements, distributed over long regions of the target locus, can be generated simultaneously in each experiment.  The approach efficiently generates and identifies functionally-null and hypomorphic mutations throughout the targeted region.  This process of population-scale, targeted forward genetics over large distances allows scientists to rapidly dissect the structure and function of specific chromosomal elements and their encoded factors under native, biologically relevant conditions.