October 21, 2019

Miller lab attends Society of Toxicology meeting

Graduate students Dusty Barnette and Allie Davis, along with Laura Osborn (SURF student), Sasin (Copter) Payakachat (SURF student), and Anna Pinson (INBRE student) attended the Society of Toxicology – South Central Chapter Conference at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center October 17-18. They are all students in Paul Miller‘s lab. Allie, Laura, and Sasin received travel awards.

Dusty presented a poster entitled “C5 Methyl Substituent Alters Which Enzymes Bioactivate Meloxicam Compared to Sudoxicam”. Laura presented a poster entitled “Multiple Metabolic Pathways Decrease Meloxicam Toxicity Relative to Analog, Sudoxicam”. Sasin presented a poster entitled “Identifying How Halogens Impact Bioactivation of Aryl Acetic Acid Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)”. Anna presented a poster entitled “Highly Efficient and Extensive Metabolism of Synthetic Cannabinoid 5F-APINACA Experiences Substrate Inhibition at High Concentrations”. Allie presented a talk entitled “Bioactivation of Halogenated Aromatic Drugs as a Precursor to Drug-Induced Hepatotoxicity”.

Allie Davis presentation