September 16, 2019

Allie Davis Elected to Two Professional Groups

Allie Davis, a graduate student in Dr. Grover Paul Miller’s lab has recently been elected to two different groups.

Allie was elected to serve on the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX) New Investigator Group. This group comprises promising new investigators (predoctoral, postdoctoral, and new to their careers) that recruit and retain new ISSX members and promote interaction and collaborations between new members and more experienced members to ensure a lively and diverse group for many years to come. Currently, the new investigator group is writing up a conference proceedings paper that covers the ISSX international meeting from this past July.

Allie was also selected to serve on the Drug Metabolism Reviews (DMR) editorial board. Being a predoctoral student, access to many editor friends and colleagues she’s met at conferences and events will help her to learn the editorial process. Allie was selected for this group because she is a promising new investigator who has shown that she is willing and able to communicate and collaborate with scientists across many branches with varying degrees of experience.

Congratulations Allie!